Support winXP/WIN7/WIN10 32/64 BIT PC system

Last modified time:2020-07-16

      ASIO4KS features:

  1. Multiple PC external sound CARDS are supported for simultaneous ASIO playback. ASIO software-enabled player or VST rack can be used.
  2. The ASIO virtual driver directly bypassed the Windows Mixer for recording and playback with a low delay.
  3. Free combination of external USB/PCI sound CARDS or Bluetooth speakers for stereo or 5.1 playback.
  4. Fully compatible with Winxp/Win7/WIN8/WIN10 systems.
  5. Freely specify channel and sound card output mappings that can support one or more channel mappings to multiple audio devices.The input/output volume of multiple audio devices can be controlled from the control panel.
  6. Like THE ASIO4ALL, it can support multiple sound CARDS and multi-track recording, which can be used for karaoke scenes and is only recommended for entertainment and professional audio equipment.



v1.4 Version 2020-05-05 [download]

  1. The stereo system is optimized for multiple Fixon R1 speakers to reduce the delay synchronization between different sound CARDS.4 R1 players can be supported simultaneously, depending on the bandwidth of the Bluetooth adapter
  2. New support for recording, can support multi-track recording.
  3. Fixed Chinese folder installation can not install the problem
  4. USB audio hotplug support, you can synchronously update the audio device list
  5. Some known BUG fixes

v1.3 Version 2020-03-01 [download]

  1. Optimize the synchronization delay problem of audio streams from multiple Bluetooth speakers
  2. Add logo and adjust layout of control panel.
  3. Optimize audio volume and ASIO real-time synchronization mechanism

v1.2 Version 2019-10-15 [download]

  1. Fixed multiple Bluetooth speaker audio stream sync problem in Win10 system
  2. Fix some bugs
  3. Fixed a problem with the ASIO broadcast causing a crash
  4. This version can only play but not record. The next version is planned to provide multi-track recording. 


1.What is the problem with bluetooth speakers playing music?

    Bluetooth speakers currently on the market basically is a full spectrum of the speaker to play music CD quality, if is stereo is not playing through a loudspeaker, unable to realize on the space stereoscopic effect, must be like a rambler 2.1 speakers, there are three speakers, two satellite box a mega bass speaker to reconstruct stereo, but traditional speakers bulky to carry more bad, so ASIO4KS driver software arises at the historic moment, and solve the problem of these troubling.
2. What kind of music experience do you have with ASIO4KS?
   a. The sound source is clean and free from interference of Windows operating system. Since exclusive audio channel is adopted, the audio stream USES kernel stream from Windows。
   b.Directly drive a number of Bluetooth speakers to achieve straight stereo effect, so that you can not hear where the speakers are located, to achieve 3D surround effect on the space, if the use of bluetooth box bass effect is good, can bring you the shock effect of language expression

ASIO4KS audio topology

3. Install the required
     This version of software is PC version, which needs to be installed on Windows XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operating system. It supports mainstream music player software, such as Baidu Music, QQ Music, Cool Dog music, Foobar2000, etc. This software can be used as long as the music player software supports ASIO driver. Some players do not support ASIO and need to be installedASIOLINK,Usage Mode referenceASIOLINK+ASIO4KS Supports all kinds of players to play
4.Hardware requirements:
     a.Compatible with most bluetooth speakers on the market
     b.Laptops/desktops need to support Bluetooth. Without Bluetooth, you can buy your own Bluetooth adapter and plug it into USB.

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